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We conduct a variety of guided tours to suit beginners and experienced adventurers, solo, family and group travellers. With extensive experience in the natural environment you can be sure that Baw Baw Adventures will maximise your outdoor experience.



Looking to get out in the bush with a group or by yourself? At Baw Baw Adventures we offer customised tailored packages to suit your individual…


Have you always wanted the one that got away? Baw Baw Adventures know the best hidden gems around the region for the best catches. Our ever…


Always wanted to take your four legged friend on a riding experience around the Baw Baw region but never sure where to go? At Baw Baw Adventures…

About Peter Christian

Peter have been hunting & fishing for as long as he can remember. With over 90+ years family history in hunting, Peter shot his first deer at the age of 13. He also worked in the forestry industry for majority of his working life (hence his split personality and cracking sense of humor).

Baw Baw Adventures will maximise your outdoor experience